Miller Park Center Belief Statements

Mission Statement

A safe place for empowering students to reach their goals.

Vision Statement

Building relationships with students and families, providing a mindful collaboration toward individualized success in a diverse world.

Action Statements

Miller Park is committed to:

  • Creative interventions through data driven decision making
  • Fostering a safe learning environment through crisis prevention and intervention
  • Building and modeling positive relationships by communicating regularly with families
  • Multidisciplinary (connecting schools/community resources) approach to serve students
  • Caring for students in a kind, loving environment through a trauma sensitive approach
  • Environmentally Individualized settings
  • Promoting a healthy, happy life

History of Miller Park

The school has an extensive history dating back to the late 1800's! 
  • 1870 - Building erected at 6th and Miller to serve as one of the first elementary schools in Lee’s Summit and reportedly the first graded school in the district.
  • 1923 - 1924 - OLD school was torn down to build the High school

  • March 24th, 1924 -   New Junior High / High School opened (On what remains as our current building)  

  • 1924 - 1953 - Lee’s Summit Junior High /  High School

  • 1953 - 1963 - Lee’s Summit Junior High ONLY

  • 1963 - 1974 - Miller Park Elementary School

  • 1974  -  2007 - Lee’s Summit Central Office

  • 2007  -  2009 - Vacant

  • 2009  -  Present - Miller Park Center (RISE program) initiated

    • RISE is a relationship based program to focus on working on the day to day necessities of an everyday individual

  • 2010 -  Present - Miller Park Center (GREAT program) initiated

    •  GREAT is a real-life program to be put hands on with everyday encounters that will teach valuable lessons throughout the real world
  • 2014 - Present - Miller Park Center (FLIGHT program) initiated

    • FLIGHT is a hands-on intensive program to improve normal day to day conversations